HMV cassette Sheer Music - Ghantasala astapadhis.

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Sat, 03 Aug 1996 18:15:17 -0700


Today, I had a chance to buy a HMV cassette (SM 948003)

Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao - Astapadhis & Other Devotional Songs

The cassette had following songs

Side A:
1-4 The four astapadhis (1973)
5. Nee kondaku neeve (1970)
6. Venkanna Naamame (1961)
7. pUjalandavayya ganesha (1962)
8. namO venkaTEsa (1958)

Side B.
1. Suklambaradharam & vaatapi (1957)
2. yedu kondalaswami (1958)
3. seshaadri sikharaana (1966)
4. tiruvenkaataadeesa (1966)
5. nannElava satya saibaba (1974) -- The only song I got for my collection
6. raghavendra suprabhatam (1973)

The difference between this one and other HMV cassettes, the quality of
the tape seems to be high (they say imported BASF tape).

Another important thing they have some info about G in the tape, and the
I am typing just for information:

"Sri Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao remains the most revered names associated
with Telugu Music. Born in 1922, Ghantasala as he was affectionately known
to his millions of his fans, rendered over 10,000 songs during his career.
A deep and sonorous voice, which was perhaps the most evocative male voice
in South India during his time was the chief asset of his musicianship. The 
words of film and devotional music will remain indebted to Ghantasala 
Venkateswara for creating a unique style of rendition and for leaving
behind a wealth of immortal songs."

"In this cassette Ghantasala Venkateswara has rendered selections from
Jayadeva's Ashtapadis, along with other devotional songs in Telugu and

"Ashtapadi or Gita Govinda is an immortal gitakavya in Sanskrit, composed
in the kalinga region around the 11th century A.D. A work of remarkable
lyricism which was translated into several languages in subsequent
centuries, this epic-poem is an enchanting tapestry of sringara and bhakti
of human and Divine Love. The myriad facets of the relationship of Radha 
and Krishna are portrayed in this work with great sensitivity."

"Ghantasala Venkateswara renders pieces from the Ashtapadi - 'Pravise Radhe'
(21st Ashtapadi) in the raga Yaman Kalyan, 'Radhika Krishna Radhika', (9th
Ashtapadi) in Darbari Kanada, 'Dheera Sameere' (11th Ashtapadi) in Bhoop and
'Ramathe Yamuna Pulinavam' (15th Ashtapadi)  in the raga Pilu."

"The Other devotional pieces rendered on side A of this cassette include
'Nee Kondaku Neeve Rappinchuko' written by C. Subba Rao 'Venkanna', 
'Poojalandhavayya' in praise of vinayaka by P. Venu and 'Namo Venkatesa'
by R. bhadriraju - music for all four composed by Ghantasala himself.

Side B opens with Muthuswami Dikshitar's celebrated krithi in praise of
Ganapathy - 'Vathapi Ganapathim' in the raga Hamsadhvani. Others include
Yelukondaswamy (typo in the material) by Bhadriraju, 'Sheshadri Sikharana'
and Thiruvenkatadeesa by V.G.K. Chari, Ghantasala's own composition 
'Nannelava Satya Saibaba' and Raghavendra Suprabhatam composed by Bandaru
Chittibabu and written by Lakshminarayan Upadhyaya."

I hope some of the above is new info for members on the list. The tape is
released/PKD in 1/96 with 1995 copyright. Certainly, the tape is of
high quality than the HMV cassettes that I bought earlier.

The address on the tape is

The Gramophone Company of India Ltd. 33, Jessore Road Calcutta 700028.

May be we can get some information and volunteer some songs list to them
for production.
More Later,

P.S> Sreenivas I am back.