Ghantasala with P.Leela

Devaraju, Mohan (
Tue, 27 Aug 96 13:19:22 EST


     There was a rumor that G'sala liked LEla so much that they he really 
     wanted to marry each other, but couldn't.  His depression and 
     disappointment was believed to be shown in DEvadAas and ChiranjEvulu's 
     songs.  Hear him saying:
                DEvadAas:  PrEma EnthelE... AnurAga minthElE...
                ChiranjEvulu:  Tana vAre parulina brathu kenthukO.....
                MAyabazAr: ViyOga vELala virisE prEmala viluvanu kanalEvA
     Though I could not personally confirm this with Ms. P. Leela, when I 
     hosted her at Indianapolis IN, I could some how feel ( may be I was 
     biased) that she really misses him. She is a spinster !?
     Mohan Devaraju