Ghantasala with P.Leela, cont'd

Sridhar Basavaraju (
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 19:44:00 -0400 (EDT)

That was really rather amazing to hear of the potential attraction 
between Ghantasala and Leela.  I never really suspected that.  There was 
mention of Leela coming to America???  I thought she passed away long 
long ago, even before Ghantasala.  In fact, I think someone told me she 
was even older than G, perhaps why they could never have married, but now 
I am falling into pure and complete speculation and nothing more I 
think.  I have to say that of all the female playback singers, Leela is 
my least favorite.  Please, I mean no offense to the leela fans in our 
group.  I was never really impressed with her voice, clarity, 
and emotional appeal while singing.   Although I must concede that she 
did a wonderful job in Maya Bazaar.  To take this a bit further, and 
maybe I am even straying from the focus of the group, but what was the 
realtionship between Susheela and Leela.  I often understood that 
Susheela served in many ways as Leela's replacement, and I can understand 
how some tension could have developed, although again, that is pure 
speculation.  Maybe some of our more learned members could contribute to 

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