Re: Krishna's debut

Krishna Kondaka (krishna@pacific.Eng.Sun.COM)
Mon, 2 Dec 1996 11:19:52 -0800

Chowdary Jampala ggaru wrote:
>  On Fri, 22 Nov 1996, Sreenivas Paruchuri wrote:
>  > > Prasad, Just a small correction to your statement.
>  > > Krishna's debut was in tEne or kanne manasulu. 
>  >  
>  > Its tEne manasulu.
>  > 
>  	tEne manasulu was Krishna's first movie as a hero.
>  	He appeared in earlier movies, most notably in a long role in
>  Jaggayya's 'padanDi munduku' as one of hero's friends.

	That's right! tenemanasulu is krishna's first movie as hero but not
his debut movie. Krishna's debut movie is "kula gOtraalu" starring ANR,
Krishna Kumari. This was mentioned in a telugu novel "oka nuvvu oka nEnu"
by mallaadi venkaTakRshNa mUrthy. In that novel there is a lot of interesting
movie information. The author thanks some film industry person (I forgot the
name) who has helped him in getting the information.

Krishna Kondaka