Re: Ghantasala

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Thu, 5 Dec 1996 12:30:00 +0100 (MET)

Thanks to Krishna and Sridhar for their postings on G's birth day, an 
important day for all of us, the G-fans. I still remember the days when 
I used to wait for the AIR's programmes on 4th of Dec. every year.

Though I wanted to post a message yesterday, could n't do it as I was out of
station. Better late than never! A good news is that a week ago Ratnakar (and
later myself) were contacted by a gentleman from Madras, who introduced
himself as a close friend of G's family, praising the mailing list and the
G-homepage on WWW. He asked for an introduction and information about the 
formation of this group which is to be published in a leading Telugu film 
magazine; "sitaara". Ratnakar has come up with a brief writeup in a very 
short time (which is available on G's home page! Pl. point your browsers 
at it! It has a different look now and also provides a link to Krishna's 
page who also maintains a web page on G with very valuable information!). 

We (Ratnakar and myself) don't know to date if an article could be published
on our mailing list in the current issue of "sitaara". However, we were 
also told that if it could n't be done in Dec, then they 'd certainly put
it in the issue dated: 2nd week of Feb (commemorating G's death

Is n't it a reason to be proud of!

Please keep your messages coming, whether its a query/comment/followup/......
We have a strong majority of "silent nettors" on this group, who never
contribute, but from off-net correspondance I know that some are HIGHLY
knowledgable. I would like to see their active contribution.