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Subject: MAYA BAZAR !
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A kind soul gave us his cassette that has Maya Bazar and Krishna Arjuna
Yuddham. A soul stirring movie, Maya Bazar gave the old and painful memories
of the childhood when we went to movies in groups of four or five and 
occasionally went with 2 or 3 families. All the kids were washed (yeah, we
were with dirt from head to foot) and when they were ready, there was 
dinner preparation, with that aroma of hot rice and 'chAru', with some
curry and mAgAya Pacchadi :)  And finally we got ready by 5.30 PM and some
one went and called a rickshaw and so on. This hell would continue till
we reached the hall when we were ushered into the already started movie.
The hall was dark and we could not find our seats. Even if we did, we had
to sit on edge of the seat to see and not cause problem to viewers behind.
Only after we saw some rama or krisha we found then what movie we were 
watching on. :) In those days they also sold song books in the interval. And
believe me, the books were of good paper, not like the ones we are getting
now a days. 

Anycase, there are some things which I do not understand. May be Sreenivas
Paruchuri will help me. How was it possible to book every possible mega actor
into Maya bazar and yet do that movie with such a meticulous care ? Whoever I
can recognize, I mean gummadi, ntr, anr, savithri, svr, relangi, allu, ramana
reddy etc was a mega actor and actor of great caliber. Also I could not 
recognize so many actors in the movie, for example Duryodhana and Sakuni too.
The songs were fantastic as usual. I also notice that in those days the actors
really 'acted'. They could show their feelings in the face and dance well.
One wonder was, reciting of the poems by actors, not the lip movement for
songs. You know what I mean. They say, hai hai ghatotkacha... etc at the end.
It takes a hell of courage to say those poems when you act before a gang of
mega stars. No ? 

For humor, we must credit a lot for director I think. For example the lahiri
lahiri song has the finest sensitive humor while the pairs swap boat for 
a ride. Now a days all the movies are just dance and zoom ! You can never
clearly see whether the hero(ine) has that spot on her face or it was a
make up. But I think in any old movie, one could easily spot the mole on NTR's
back. :-) as well as the clear lines on the face. Humor now a days is the 
face of Brahmanandam when he is urinating ! What a level we are reduced to !
Also SVR talking to his aides about 'pandavulu asamadiyulu' and rewarding the
guys with 2 bands each for their performance, is very nice humor one could see.

ON the other hand, if some one has the lyrics of all the maya bazar songs
could a kind soul let me know ? For many days, hey no days but years, I was
under impression that 'manasu kalavarinchenu..' was in non-mythology movies.
Agreed that I am dumb enuf, and I can not recognize top stars like gummadi or
ramana reddi well, I was thinking of satyanarayana. Was he a part of Maya 
Bazar too ? And also can some one recall the 'china chepanu peda chepa, china
mayanu peda maaya..' song for me please ? Thanks in advance. 

On a concluding note, I think Maya Bazar stands a zillion miles away from
the current day movies, in every aspect of the cinema culture and technology.
In those days (Which year was it produced pls ?) they did not have any
technology and yet they produced a movie where one could view the disappearing
demon and flying demon as well as rolling plates in the actual bazar created
by ramana reddy and his two aides. I always wonder how they could book every
possible star available and no actor spoiled his role. I mean every one did 
a better action than the other. Savithri looked lovely and I could hear someone
saying from behind : If savithri is alive today, I am gonna marry her :-)))
So what else to say ! Anycase, our present movies are a a great disappointment.
If we think that 'old is gold', what our kids are gonna think ? Are they going
to see 'criminal' or something equally dumpy and say that 'old is gold' ?
A thorough wash is required I think in the present trend, Particularly on
the acting front bcoz no face is clearly visible and if it is visible it is
no more than 2 and half secs when it is zoomed forward or backward. The moment
movie starts, there is a song ! God, has anyone seen Hum aapke .. It is no
less than 18 songs and when it was screened in Memphis a couple of years ago
we spent nearly 7 hours to go, see and come back. What a sheer waste of time
and head ache ! It was just one of those bad days seeing a dumb movie on the
force of some one who said it is great !

If a kind soul can spare time, I think it is high time we compose the entire
thing about Maya bazar and preserve in electronic form like - "everything you
wanted to know about maya bazar" which would contain actors, dates of
production, songs, lyrics, and yes, everything we can think of. What do you
say Sreenivas ? Regards
SatyamEva JayatE, nAnrutAt (Truth alone wins, not the falsehood)