Re: (fwd) MAYA BAZAR !

Wed, 10 Jul 1996 09:24:50 +1200

Regarding Maya Bazaar's actors:

Dhuryodhana was Mukkamala, Karna was Mikkilineni, Sakuni was The 
indomitable CSR, Saathyaki was Satyanarayana, Ghatotkacha's mother 
was "Andhrula Attha garu" Suryakantam and I cannot remember anymore. 
In short, it is filled with excellent actors.

SaRaDa garu wrote:
> On a concluding note, I think Maya Bazar stands a zillion miles 
away from
> the current day movies, in every aspect of the cinema culture and technology.
> In those days (Which year was it produced pls ?) they did not have any
> technology and yet they produced a movie where one could view the disappearing
> demon and flying demon as well as rolling plates in the actual bazar created
> by ramana reddy and his two aides. I always wonder how they could book every
> possible star available and no actor spoiled his role. I mean every one did 
> a better action than the other. Savithri looked lovely and I could hear someone
> saying from behind : If savithri is alive today, I am gonna marry her :-)))
> So what else to say ! Anycase, our present movies are a a great disappointment.
> If we think that 'old is gold', what our kids are gonna think ? Are they going
> to see 'criminal' or something equally dumpy and say that 'old is gold' ?

Sir, I grew up in a movie community when all the big actors of that 
time, ANR, NTR, Krishna, Shoban babu and Krishnam raju are competing 
against each other. I cannot recall a single movie I saw in my 
childhood (except for movies Mangalya balam and Keelu gurram). In late 
70s where I can remember, started the era of Indo- Western movies 
like Adavi Ramudu, Yedanthasthulameda, and other movies. We saw them 
at that time but can we see them again now? I donot think so. This is 
because the movies are not watchable second time (except for few!).

Being grown up in that kind of movies, which are almost 30 yrs old 
now, I donot consider them 'old is gold'. My old movies are still the 
movies made in early and mid G's time. Movies like Maya Bazaar, 
Mangalya Balam, all mythologicals, and many many others. I have Appu 
chesi pappu koodu and Maya Bazaar at home and when ever I feel 
stressed I watch them. I must have watched them several times now but 
still there are new to me.  I still love the entrance scene of 
Ghatotkhacha and feel "roudram" when I listen to his first 'padyam'. 
I still loose myself in the breeze and song of "Echati nundi veecheno" 
song. Well, movies like these I call 'old is gold'. 

To conclude, in my opinion and experience, whether anybody is born in 
1969 or in 1975 or in 1985 or even 1995, the movies of G's era are 
always GOLD.

Thank you.