Re: ChintaamaNi

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Wed, 10 Jul 1996 19:07:17 +0200 (MET DST)

Sri Chelikani Sudhakar writes about the famous play "chintaamaNi" by
kaaLLakoori naaraayaNaraavu.

I agree completely with his observations. Esp. the play was so badly maligned
in the last 3 decades that it has become a synonym for vulgarity all over
A.P. At all "tirunaaLLu" and also the "recording dance" people started
playing only one version; i.e. vulgar one, of the L.P.

This was filmed twice, first time way back in '34 by author's son;
kaaLLakoori naaraayaNaraavu, itself. rElangi made his debut.

bhaanumati made it under her "bharaNi"banner later in '56. Many people told
me that she has 'diluted' the play to an extent, portraying 'chintaamaNi' as
a pious/devotious woman.

But, as Sri chelikaani pointed the music and songs are simply superb. G sang
only a couple of verses. IMO the better songs came from bhaanumati and
kalyaaNam "eelapaaTa" raghuraamayya. I immensely like bhaanumati's: teeyani
vENuvuloodina daarula parugiDu raadhanuraa (theres also: mElaaye nee vELa
SreevENugOpaala) and raghuraamayya's: poojyula inTanu and bhaktibhaavammu.
Though bhaanumati's name appears as MD, the MDs were TV raaju and addEpalli

> The second was by 'SankaraabharaNam' J.V.Somayaajulu's brother (I can't
> remember his name of the top of my head, though I remember some trivia: he
> is known for playing Gireesam; played a role in a movie where he was the

I am 'quite' sure that you are refering to J. ramaNamoorti, who was played
lead roles (later character roles), and is well known for his gireeSam role.