Re: (fwd) MAYA BAZAR ! -Reply

Krishna Kondaka (Krishna.Kondaka@Eng.Sun.COM)
Wed, 10 Jul 1996 13:15:08 -0800 (PDT)

Hi all,
	Sorry for the previous mail.

> during my seventh class exam holidays. It would be interesting to know
> where one has seen it first.

	I saw that movie first time on TV.  During 1982 or 1983 Hyderabad 
dooradarSan showed this movie twice on consecutive sundays( or alternate 
sundays - I do not remember exactly).  All I can say is that folks out 
side Hyderabad missed it :-). In the early days DD used to show a lot of
old movies.


> I sometimes listen to the audio cassette. One thing that fascinates me is the
> scene transition, so expertly done by pingaLi !
> Madan Mohan