Re: ChintaamaNi

R.N.V. Sitaram (
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 10:36:02 +0500 (GMT+0500)

> The second was by 'SankaraabharaNam' J.V.Somayaajulu's brother (I can't
> remember his name of the top of my head, though I remember some trivia: he
> is known for playing Gireesam; played a role in a movie where he was the
> main lead and G sang for him).  This enactment was more professional and
> theatrically superior, but bordered on the vulgar, with bawdy dialogue
> between Subbisetty and ChintaamaNi.  

I once saw a play named "KANYASULKAM" enacted by J.V Somayajulu and Ramanamurthy
etc. in Hyd Ravindra Bharathi. According to my knowledge Gireesam role is from
that play. I don't know much about "Subbisetty Chintamani", I just wrote this
thinkig there was some confusion between these two plays in the mail posted.
Probably I am not aware that even "subbisetty chintamani " is also played by
the same actors.