Re: (fwd) MAYA BAZAR ! -Reply

Thu, 11 Jul 1996 14:22:29 -0700

Regarding Krishna gari point about the Mayabazar being transmitted on
consecutive sundays. I was in Hyderabad in those days (doing my BE) but mostly
I was to be found in Cinema halls during the morning shows. I remember that
time only old movies used to be screened during morning shows. Almost all of
them were houseful. So that proves the GOLDEN OLD movies issue. I remember when
Rama Rao was revvingup TDP an unfortunate producer telecast that movie. He was
suspended immediately next day and it was history that Hyderabad DD stopped
broadcasting any thing to do with RamaRao. No Iam not talking about merits or
demerits of Ramarao but the foolish behaviour of DD I hope it will answer
Sridhar's query of somebody coming forward to protect movies golden ones or
not.  I remember Ramarao weeping on the day Ghantasala died. He stated my voice
is gone. While ANR did not even attend the dead body as minimum courteosy
calls. In a special Janaranjani I heard ANR say if ANR had attended he'd not
have the heart to face the dead body and he'd have died and saddened the fans
of ANR Telugulo matalu I felt are cheap in taste and self boasting by ANR.
Sorry if I hurt somebody but Iam expressing my views as they concern with
Ghantasala. I had respect for ANR for his romantic movies for which life was
given by Ghantasala's voice. Iam really sorry for my post if it hurt anybody.
Iam giving facts.
Regarding the Kanyasulkam what a coincidence yesterday the AIR (better infact
far better than DD) the JV Ramanamurthy troupe play is being transmitted.
Lovely listening to 'ROUGUISH' Gireesam. Now coming to the poit about
Kanyasulkam Old timers may correct me but it was a flop in the first release
something to do with underplaying by RamaRao and not accepted byt the people as
he played the anti-hero role. It was rereleased in 1983 I think in Sandhya
theatre as morning show and it ran for 50 days as morning show Houseful (I
could npot get tickets to see it Funnily enough I never saw that movie.
Hope this mail answered some questions