Re: ChintaamaNi and kanyaaSulkam

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 10:33:57 +0200 (MET DST)

> I have a further question. If I remember correctly, rElangi played
> the part of subbisetti in bhaanumati's chintaamaNi.  Did he also star in
> the earlier chintaamaNi?  If so, what role did he play?  I thought he made
> his debut with paataLabhairavi (or was it padhmanaabham?).  Regarding his

rElangi did play a role in 1933 version, but I don't know which one. Thats
his debut film as I mentioned yesterday. rElangi's life story is very
'moving' (emotional) one. paataaLabhairavi came much, much later, in 1951.
pulipaaTi and raamatilakm, two legendary stage actors of yester years played
the main roles in 1933 version. The same information is also available on
Telugu film server.

> Did 'eelapaata' raghuraamayya star in the earlier version?  
 No! He made his film debut the same year, in pRthveeputra, though.

> the movie and was happy with his performance.  However, many discerning
> critics feel that he has not done complete justice.  They feel that he was
> more 'heroic', and less 'roguish', which is a violation of the drama's
> spirit.  
Thats true! As Vijay Kakani pointed the film did n't run in its first run.
On this same group (?) some one also once wrote that people simply could 
n't accept/digest saavitri and NTR in those roles. I watched it for the 
first time only two years ago and was happy with it. However it was 
the lone failure, the director P. pullayya had in his long career. Well,
bangaaru paapa and malleeSwari of BN Reddy did n't run so well either at 
1st release.

> I have read the play and feel that some of the actors have come up with
> sterling performances.  The best was by agnihOtraavadhani (I don't

Can't agree with you more! I had an audio cassette (some friend managed to
record the sound track in cinema hall way back in 70s) and knew most of the
dialogues by heart. While I agree that the All India Radio's one hour version
is better, the film's sound track also was very satisfactory to me.

BTW the agnihOtraavadhani's role was played by late vinnakOTa raamanna
pantulu, a regular on AIR, Vijayawada.

Now, we the G fans, 'd be proud that G composed the music for the film and
EACH song is a real GEM. Who ever were involved in the selection of songs
(the producer - DL Narayana of dEvadaasu, sadaasiva brahmam - scree play)
its unique and probably never after so many stalwarts (lyricists) worked 
for one film.  Look at the song list:

	poorNamma katha                  gurajaaDa  
        naagula chaviti                  basava raajau  appaaraavu
        aanandam arNavamaitE             Sree Sree  
        bommala peLLi                    dEvulapalli  
        chiTaaru kommana                 mallaadi raamakRshNaSaastri  
        sarasuDa darijEraraa             sadaaSiva brahmam  
        keechaka vadha                   samudraala  
Theres one more 'tatwam' sung by the 'bairaagi' in the film. Ghantasala was
keen in including gurazaaDa's poorNamma katha, as he was keen in recording
it in his voice, and also IMO it was a fitting tribute to the author.

I would like to hear your opinions about the way the song 
"aanandam arNavamaitE" was composed by G. I used to have discussions
with my cousin, who did n't like it; saying its too fast, and G did n't do
justice to SreeSree's great work.