Kanyasulkam - Poornamma katha - Sarada.

TRADE & BUSINESS CONTROLS 11-Jul-1996 1525 +0800 (madhu@qcav01.ENET.dec.com)
Thu, 11 Jul 96 02:57:27 PDT

	Continuing the thread of Kanyasulkam - Poornamma Katha - 
	the child artiste who acted as Poornamma is Urvashi Sarada.
	(Or is it Bommala pelli song ?)

	As Sreenivas mentioned, Poornamma's moving story was very
	well picturised.

	I mentioned in the net long ago that Kanyasulkam and new
	Devadas (Krishna) were failures because of wrong casting.
	Girisam and NTR combination could not gel well for people
	who read the play and watched the natakam.	

	Of course, there are some examples of wrong casting being super hits.
	(When Savitri was booked for Sasirekha in Maya Bazaar, people 
	were surprised whether she can perform the role !)


	Capt Madhu.