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Thu, 11 Jul 1996 05:35:06 -0500 (CDT)

Hi G's fans!!!  -------{ Continuing the thread of MAYABAZAR }-------

I have been lurking around for all these months reading the various
postings reg. G and discussions etc. I promise you, I never missed a
single topic of discusison since this started. I did not somehow bring
myself to contribute something towards any of the discussions, being a
vigorous G fan myself, but this time the topic is the movie by name
out the dormant expression in me. 

I never wished to call MAYABAZAR a movie, I never had and I never will! 
It is a NAVARASABHARITHA KALAA KHANDAMU. ( I would like to apologise to 
all the G's fans and MAYABAZAR fans on the net for making an amateur 
attempt in trying to describe the film in thus many limited words.)

MAYABAZAR was my first-ever film in my life. I saw it at the age of 
4 years and 2 months. I saw it in a theatre with my both Menaththayalu.
I thank God to this day for making MAYABAZAR my debut-film in my Life.
To this day, I have seen the movie atleast 250 times. I cannot believe it 
myself. I was told by my Menaththayyalu that I rolled up and 
down with laughter when the (Yasa)SVR ate all the Laddoos and the other 
pindivantalu and when the bazaar was being created by Chinamayaa (Ramana 
Reddy) and many other such scenes. I do not think that they were 
exaggerating when they said that I was the loudest laughing person in the 
whole auditorium. Even to this day, when I see those scenes, I have the 
same instinctive feelings. I can go on writing for days reg. this topic.

Here are my humble comments on a few of MAYABAZAR's aspects:

1. Density [my terminology]: ( Amount of information in a scene) 

	MAYABAZAR is a hi-super-duper-density film. In any particular
scene, you can find various actors performing at the same time, the
photography and the screenplay are shown, the lyrics of the songs and finally
and most importantly G's voice and music harmoniously travelling
through our ears. Just imagine, if you try and concentrate on the actors'
actions alone, you may be in the danger of missing the photography or the
melody of the songs or the lyrics or vice-versa. In fact, I do believe 
that, viewing MAYABAZAR once is not at all sufficient. Atleast 3-4 times 
might give one a sense of satisfaction if not complete contentment. 
Everytime, I see it, I invariably have something new for me in it! 
MAYABAZAR exposes the limited nature of our capabilities as regards to 
observation, photography, music, lyrics etc. ( all in a single scene). 
Hence, as the saying goes, "ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH!!"

2. Songs: 	
	G's versatile, melodious, melliflous etc. voice gives one a
floating-in-the-air sensation. Just imagine G singing for Relangi in
"Sundari..." in a comical tone, singing for 3 different people with three
different voices in "Lahiri ...", and many other songs in various moods
like romantic, sad, comical etc. It is breathtaking to hear this but is true. 
{ Coming to G's singing for different people in the same song,
"Devadeva dhavalachala...." for NTR and ANR in Bhookailas needs a special
mention. The voice-modulation is really admirable. Must have been a 
left-hand job for The LEGEND-WITH-A-GOLDEN-VOICE. }
Added to G's voice, the lyrics are memorable to this day. 

3. Scenes:
	When you see the movie or listen to the audio recording of the
film, you will be amazed to see such an excellent coordination of scenes
as if they are beautifully decorated in a garland. Actually, I did not
feel any difference following the flow of the film while listening to the
audio tape as compared to viewing it. ( Mr. Madan Mohan has already made
a mention of this earlier.)

4. Photography:
5. Actors/actresses:
6. Usage of new words like : "Alamalam", Asama/Thasamadheeyulu etc.
7. The number of popular jatheeyams:- "Pandithyam kanna gnanam mukhyam" etc.
8. Comparison to other movies: 
	Many movies can be rated as Musical hits, tragedy hits, comical 
hits, dance hits etc. but this is the ONE and ONLY film in the entire 
movie history of Telugu films that is a SUPER-HIT on ALL FRONTS!!
(Actually, MAYABAZAR cannot/should not be compared to any other film at 

And so on and so forth..... there are a host of such topics to write about.
As it is I feel I have taken enough of your' time. So I would like to 
conclude regarding this topic that: 
* Ghantasala garu is a NA-BHOOTHO-NA-BHAVISHYATHAY type of singer and music 
  director who is a major shareholder of the credit that goes to this film.

I ask forgiveness of you for this intrusion without proper introduction :-)
I am Praveen Kumar Nidumolu. from Hyderabad. Pursuing M.S in Engg. 
Mechanics at Mississippi State University. ( another major 
subscriber/contributor: Ramakrishna Sanka & I are room-mates incidentally.)

Thanking all those in this newsgroup who made this self-expression of mine 
possible, I remain. Comments please???

Praveen Kumar Nidumolu.

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