Re: (fwd) MAYA BAZAR ! -Reply

Thu, 11 Jul 1996 21:11:19 -0700

Thank you Mr. Subba, as you pointed out it is not a forum for discussing about
ANR my mistake anyway. 
Coming to the point about Mayabazar. that was a beautiful movie which can never
be described completely. Chhoochi teeravalasinade. Regarding the cast somebody
pointed out it was star studded and all. I think all of them were on pay roll
of Vijaya as contract artistes. Can somebody clarify. One notable point was not
much tragic scenes were there in that movie (not that I wanted them) still the
movie was rated very good. Just see the mails for the last few days on this
forum. Aside this as I pointed out sometime last year I did see Burkha clad
muslim women in Hyderabad coming to see this movie for matinee in The theatre
beside shaam in Lakdi-ka-pool (now closed down). So this truely points out the
movie's greatness.
PS: My family stayed for rent in SVR's house in Eluru way back in 1969/70. His
samadhi is there still in that house.
PPS what happened to Ghantasala Vijaykumar son of Ghantasala. He never came up
in the movies why? Lack of talent or what?