Maya Bazaar, ANR, and G's son

Sridhar Basavaraju (
Tue, 16 Jul 1996 09:38:41 -0400 (EDT)

Hello Everyone,
  Sorry I haven't posted anything for some time but I have been out of 
town for a week or so and only had the chance to read my mail today.  I 
am very pleased with the informative nature of the discussions.  
Furthermore, I found the ANR anecdotes especially interesting.  I heard 
that both ANR and NTR had very high respect for Ghantasala and both would 
stand when the singer would come into a room and affectionately call him, 
"Mastar gaaru" as would most other people in the cinema industry.  I'm 
sure there are numerous reasons for ANR not attending G's funeral 
ceremonies.  ANR himself must have been severely overcome by grief, as 
was stated, and felt more than uncomfortable seeing his close friend in 
such a state.  As far as G's son goes, some time back, maybe a year or so 
ago, there was someone on the group who actually saw him perform, but 
they said that his voice could not really compare to his father's and 
thus most people were dissapointed with it.  But to come to the defense 
of Vijayakumar Ghantasala, it is not practical, realistic, or fair to 
expect a son to sound like a father.  Ghantasala, the original, is just 
that, an original and no one should be expected to duplicate him.  People 
should appreciate his son for his own particular voice and talent, if he 
has any. . .I personally have never heard him sing.   I think it may 
have been Sreenivas, who recently said that Vijayakumar sounds a little 
like Ghantasala when singing high notes, although the exact context of 
the discussion escapes me.  Let's keep the discussions going. . . 

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