Re: Maya Bazaar, ANR, and G's son

Ravi K. Sista (
Wed, 17 Jul 1996 02:12:58 -0500 (CDT)

This is regarding Ghantasalavari son's discussion...You might have heard 
about this sahithi samstha named Abhinandana headed by one Mrs. Bhavani.  
They are situated somewhere around Himayath Nagar and are a very highly 
talented/well versed with organizing meetings.  Every year around 
December, they conduct (used to conduct...atleast..hope they are still 
continuing it) paatala potilu on Ghantasala vari paatalu, usually in 
Thyagaraya Gana Sabha.  And the winners used to be falicitated during a well organized function attended 
by various dignitiaries during Mastari birthday (Feb. 7th?)...I never 
used to miss any program conducted either in Ravindra Bharathi or 
Thyagaraya Gana Sabha and least of all if its conducted by Abhinandana.  
Hats of to them.

This discussion reminds me of one such function during Mastari 
birthday...during 89 or 90..I think..The dignitaries on the stage included 
Sri Reddy garu (poorthi 
peru gurthu ledu...pen name Mallemaala..acted in Ankusham..writes 
poems...produces films...Shyamsundar Reddy or something...), C. Narayana 
Reddy garu...some others...AND Ghantasala Vijaya Kumar (son) and 
Smt.Susheela (again name not sure...but she is Ghantasala vari daughter).

The program started off on a great note...everyone reminiscing those days 
of guruvu garu...Ghantasala Vijaya Kumar sang some songs...he was no 
where near Mastaru but was ok...tried to sing *Siva sankaree* from 
Jagadeka Veeruni Katha...bold attempt but invain...Only guruvu garu can 
sing that song in that way...Even SPB accepted that, if I recall correctly..

Then Mrs. Bhavani asked Mrs. Susheela (daughter) to talk about guruvu 
garu, she came to the mike...started off..but couldn't utter a 
word..gonthu pooduku poyindhi...she asked us to excuse her...paid a 
tribute to her father and went back...I had tears in my was Dr. 
C.Narayana Reddy..the whole scene was touching...even as I type this, I 
can't resist from bowing to that maha gayakudu/sangeetha samrat...Anyway..

Then was the turn of Vijaya Kumar...And here, I had the shock of my 
life...He started off with praises for guruvu garu (mokkubadiki 
chepthunnadu ani naaku munde thelisipoyindhi...his body language 
etc.)...I don't remember the exact words of his during the later part of 
the speech..but the essence is this...

*First of all, please don't treat me as Ghantasala vari son...and 
don't try to compare me with him whenever I sing...He *might have been* a great 
singer...but that doesn't mean that you compare me with him everytime my 
singing talents come up for discussion...Aaayanante meeku(audience ki) 
entho gauravam undachu....Kaani aayana maakemichadandi?? (exact 
words...yes...eka vachana prayogam...he is his Dad agreed...but here he 
is talking to an audience + pedhalu who consider Mastaru as nothing less 
than a demi-God...eka vachana prayogam is NOT at all tolerable)..aayana 
sampadinchindanthaa daanalakani dharmalakani kharchupettadu ( I am sure 
he wanted to use the word..thagalesaadu.. here..but somehow controlled 
himself)...migatha vallalaaga thana pillala kosam emaina jagratha padi 
unte memu eee roju eee paristhithilo unde vallam kaadu ( My 
question...why do you have to depend on Pithrarjitham..can't you survive 
on your own? as any father would do, he did give you good 
education...isn't that enough?)...As I said, don't remember any thing 
further, but wastotally harsh throughout his speech...His sister SUsheela/CNaRe/Mallemala 
and ofcourse many of us were shell shocked with this kind of 
maligning...coming from His own son...and that too on such auspicious 

Then C.Narayana Reddy garu (he was fuming with anger, I assure you) in 
his speech blasted Vijaya Kumar with a soft tone though...said that if 
you have anything against your father, this is not the right vedika to 
fume it out and least of all not the right occassion...etc. etc. but I 
wasn't really paying attention any more...was trying to understand this 

Well...just wanted to share this with whole point being...aayana 
sontha koduku DOESN't mean that he goes around bashing his father...more 
so on public vedikas...his objection to being calling him as Ghantasala 
vari son is utterly ridiculous, I thought...anthati mahanubhavidi 
kodukainanduku garvapadali kaani...I know couple of my friends who have 
the last name Ghantasala, and they feel like they are more than lucky to 
have it...and they mean it...and here is this guy...I can understand if he
is having some financial difficulties/going through a rough patch in life 
etc. etc...but blaming his dead father for 
*siggupadalsina vishayam*

Even the organizers led by Mrs. Bhavani were awestuck with his 
speech...later during meetings Mrs. Bhavani pledged this is the last time 
they are ever going to invite GVK for any further program conducted by 
them... might think, I am over reacting here...I may be wrong...but 
those are my views...please fill in your thoughts/comments about 
it...anyone has experienced similar experience with GVK and/or any other 
family members of Mastaru? please let me know...

Btw, this is my first posting on this list...I have enjoyed/enjoying the 
discussions that go on on this list...I commend all you guys for your 
knowledge/and the interest to share/discuss Mastari 
paatalu/sangeetham through this forum...Keep up the good work...