paalana gaari query and G's son

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Wed, 17 Jul 1996 20:33:38 +0200 (MET DST)

It 'll be my last message for the next few weeks and just wanted to address
few points/queries raised here in last one week.

Palana gaaru wrote:

> Well what do you say about modern fast and ultra beat songs?
> Just listen to those songs sung by G , e.g. Santinivasam!

>   1) rAve rAdhA
>   2) come come
Both these songs from Saanti nivaasam, as said before, were composed
in very short time (<25days) by G, and the first one is based on 
a popular Hindi song.

>   Also the one in Bharya Bhartalu (if I am correct)
>   3) jOrugA hushArugA

>   A teenager of the present day is asked to listen to these songs and
>   he asks a question whether the movie is about to be released.

IMO all three, from early 60s followed the 'trend' (please correct me if I am
wrong!) of those days, a sort of Rock N Roll music.

Let me say that there were always tunes/music directors in film (/industry)
who were considered to be ahead of their times. Saluri, CR Subburaman are
such examples. Some of their songs from 40s create an impression that they 'd
be from 60s or so. In the case of G, the MD, and the above three songs that
can't be said, but atleast the first two were more western music influenced

I 'll try to write on rElangi some time soon. The book _baapu ramaNeeyam_ (I
am sure some one among the list members may have it.) has a brief article on
him which mentions about his early days in brief. Perhaps, as an 
introduction, some one can quote from that book and others can followup.

Sridhar wrote:

> such a state.  As far as G's son goes, some time back, maybe a year or so 
> ago, there was someone on the group who actually saw him perform, but 
> they said that his voice could not really compare to his father's and 

> have been Sreenivas, who recently said that Vijayakumar sounds a little 
> like Ghantasala when singing high notes, although the exact context of 
No, I have n't said that, since I have never heard him singing. I have 
met him a couple of times though. Ravi Sista's latest posting is informative.
It was n't surprising for me though, as I have heard similar
comments/criticism on him. Infact once I have said (here) that G's own 
children don't even have his (atleast) 'hit' songs. On the other side there 
are also occasions where he praised his father to dizzy heights. Theres no 
consistancy. Sometime ago I read an article from him in "aandhraprabha"
weekly, where he just "reproduced" his father's text from _bhuvana vijayam_
book (available in Romans and Telugu scripts on G-home page.). Anyhow, I am
not here to discuss his personal matters. As a singer he never made it big,
though he got his chances in films, radio, from pre-recorded cassette
companies and from diff. organisations.