Re: G's son

Thu, 18 Jul 1996 11:40:03 +1200

Sabhaku namaskaram,

Ravi garu wrote:

> This is regarding Ghantasalavari son's discussion...You might have heard 

> Then was the turn of Vijaya Kumar...And here, I had the shock of my 
> life...He started off with praises for guruvu garu (mokkubadiki 
> chepthunnadu ani naaku munde thelisipoyindhi...his body language 
> etc.)...I don't remember the exact words of his during the later part of 
> the speech..but the essence is this...

I never attended public speeches of G. Vijaya Kumar but I had an 
oppurtunity to meet him as he came to record some songs in Door 
Darshan. As Srinivas garu suggested, his vioce matches G's when he is 
singing high notes (only sometimes) but otherwise is nowhere near 
G's voice.

After the recording we went for a dinner along with our family. Over 
the dinner Mr. Vijaya Kumar expressed the same feelings as Ravi 
garu said.  He also said some things about the family which I think 
are personal and sorry for not sharing them here.  On the whole, I 
think he has some grudge with his father.  Probably it is good for us 
not to consider him as G's son!  If a son cannot understand his 
father's feelings, then he looses the right to be called as someone's 
son. Atleast I donot regard him anyway!

To portray Ghantasala vaari namrata, here is an anecdote (I donot 
know Srinivas stated this before!)....When ever G sees any disrespect 
and whenever people doesnot stick to their words (like in money 
etc.)... G used get up immediately and used to say  "Aa 
Edukondalavaadu mimmulani challagaa choodaalani praadistu....selavu 
theesukuntanu" and then used to leave.

Such a mahitaathma is G.