Re: playback in mallISwari

Thu, 18 Jul 1996 09:11:17 -0700

I think regarding Bhanumathi, I remember that Tenali Ramakrishna had a good
role of hers though very short I think. Can somebody correct me. Staying on
Tenali Ramakrishna, I remember somebody telling me that Ghantasala sang a
beautiful song on Tungabhadra. When I saw the movie it was not there. Regarding
Ghantasala Vijaykumar's outburst I think it is better to give a benefit of
doubt because the very nice gentlemen of those days never horded up money and
as they suffered they understood the suffering of others and helped them.
However these nice people just forgot that this is going to be a competitive
world. So their own children may need something escaped their notice. Or maybe
possible Vijayakumar is a very bad son. However my feeling is to give benefit
of doubt to Vijayakumar. Another thing if you may want know is not strictly for
this forum (SCIT would have been correct). Tanguturi Prakasam pantulu gari
life. In the end as was portrayed in that movie, He went without food and if he
saw anybody who was earlier associated with him Era konchamu bezawadaku ticket
tisukoradu. I was told this by an associate of his (this person was reeking
rich). Anyway this was a sad side of Ghantasala. However another thing I
remember. Banda kanakalingeswara rao (am I right the radio artiste). Two of his
daughters were my father's students. I remember for the dowry of the last
daughter it was a big problem went as far as to sell their house. His first
son-in-law was my boss back in APSEB a very dedicated person to duties if not
very strict as an officer and nice as an individual. Those days were I think
entirely different. Anyway if we ever can help that family may it was a good
idea. Anyway Iam sorry for raking up this issue as I wanted to know about
Ghantasala Vijaykumar whom I once remember as a music director.