Re: playback in mallISwari -Reply

Mohan Parigi (
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 09:48:19 -0400

>>> Sudhakar Chelikani <> 07/17/96
07:26pm >>> wrote:

>Of course she did, but she shouldn't be clubbed under playback singers,
>as she sang for herself.  I am sure that she must have been
>acknowledged as a singer elsewhere in the credits. 

It will still be called playback singing, because it was not sung on the set.
In the dramas, actors sang their songs on stage and they can be called
real singers. In the earlier days, they used to record the song on the film set
like they do with dialogue (ofcourse, nowadays even dialogue is dubbed,
thats a different matter). That type of on-the-set recording limited their
flexibility in editing.

Regarding credits, I think cODavarapu prasad was referring to
bhaanumati's mention in the telugu film web page and not the movie.

madan mohan