Re: G's son, play-back, bhanumati, relangi

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 14:53:32 +0200 (MET DST)

Sri Ramesh wrote:

> Darshan. As Srinivas garu suggested, his vioce matches G's when he is
> singing high notes (only sometimes) but otherwise is nowhere near
> G's voice.

I am sorry, but thought that I clarified it yesterday. I don't remember ever
saying about G Vijaya Kumar's voice matching while singing high notes. Its
not from me.

>> Prasad Chodavarapu wrote :

> let me share an interesting anecdote srinivas told palana and others(incl.
> me) during the lunch hour at tana'95 on relangi.

> "rALLu tinnA arigincukOgala rOjullo, tinaDAniki EmI dorakalEdu,

Thanks Prasad! But, let me clarify that this anecdote is the most often
mentioned one, in every article on rElangi. Its also mentioned in the
book _baapoo ramaNeeyam_.

> the telugu film server says
> Playback
> for mallISwari. its surprising to see
> bhAnumati not figuring in the playback singers' list.
> didn't bhanumati sing the majority of the songs in this film?

Myself and Srikanth have been discussing on this since long. Technically its
play-back and Srikanth included her name in many of her post '1950 films. I
say that since the common conception is that "bhanumati never needed a
play-back SINGER", leave her name.

> p.s: i watched "mallISwari" for the first time yesterday.
> i thought that the film showcases bhanumati's awesome
> talents along with her beauty. any other films in which
> she dominated to such an extent? may be "vipranArAyaNa"?
Did n't she dominate in all her films :-)? vipranarayana is correct!
You can count all her (bharaNi) films.