Re: G's son, play-back, bhanumati, relangi

V. Chowdary Jampala (
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 11:47:25 -0500 (EST)

	Ghantasala vijaya kumar headed the orchestra and singing group 
that performed on the ghanTasaala night at the 1993 TANA Conference in 
New York. The concert featured singers suSeela (who sang some ghanTasaala 
solos), jikki, jamunaaraaNi (who brought the house down with her maama 
maamaa maamaa), maadhavapeddi, leela, raadhika and aanand. vijayakumaar 
himself sung a poem in higher pitch. He sounded very much like his father, and 
many people in the audience expressed surprise that with such a voice and 
talent that he did not succeed as a singer. Not having heard him sing 
anything else, I thought that the problem may have been that he had a 
limited range, but I have no other evidence to say so.

	bhaanumathi in malleeSwari: If the film archives' intent is to 
list the singers for the film's audio track, I think that they should 
include bhaanumathi's name.

	bhaanumathi in tenaali raamakRUshNa: She had a major role, albeit 
a negative one (a nautch girl-spy out to destroy SrikrishNadEvaraayalu). 
There is a beautifully scripted (and acted) scene in which bhaanumathi and 
NTR would be playing chess - she trying to use the occasion to get 
information on his forces andhe adroitly avoiding it. The film, of 
course, belonged mainly to ANR, NTR, and ghanTasaala.

	Regards.		--- V. Chowdary  Jampala