Bhanumati - Swarga Seema - Oho Ho Pavurama.

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	Continuing the thread on Bhanumati, playback and Malliswari.

	See her in Swarga Seema (1946) made by BN Reddi. She is a vamp.
	Her song Oho ho ho ho, Pavurama stole hearts of entire South India.
	She is a drama artiste who seduces Nagayya and spoils his
	marital life.

	She acted so well in the film that my grand mother used to comment
	"In the beginning, Bhanumati kooda manchidi kadu, kapuralu
	koolche rakame. Tarvata, Tarvata marindi." 
	This was released in TELUGU in Kerala, Bangalore, Madras and ran
	for more than 200 days. In those days, the income on this film
	outside Andhra for BN Reddi was some Rs. 8,40,000/-

	Incidentally, Swarga Seema was Ghantasala's debut as a playback
	singer. He had a small bit in one of the songs for Ch. Narayana Rao.

	The music for Swarga Seema was by Nagayya who is the hero of the 
	film. This film is less than 3 hours duration because of the 
	restrictions on raw film imports during world war II. (1946 period.)

	Thanks and Regards

	PS: Anybody knows who acted as Nagayya's wife in Swarga Seema ?