Play-Back credits

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Fri, 19 Jul 1996 10:49:17 +0200 (MET DST)

The following is posted on behalf of Srikanth.


From: "Srikanth Bandi" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 10:33:46 -0600
To: Sreenivas Paruchuri <>

Regarding playback in mallISwari, I believe bhaanumati was not
"officially" credited in the film.
I had a similar discussion over playback in mallISwari
with Sreenivas Paruchuri  long ago and it was decided to keep
in the film server only those credits as they appear in the film.

Another example is swargasIma where only ghanTsaala's name appears
in the credits, though bhaanumati and naagayya
too sang for the film. (The credits were shown for each song
in the server, but not as 'playback')
Here too I believe playback by artists for themselves
was not deemed to be offcial playback.