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Well, its not an exactly G-related topic, but since its asked let me
followup. I promise this is really my last message for the next 4-5 
weeks :-).

>       See her in Swarga Seema (1946) made by BN Reddi. She is a vamp.
>       Her song Oho ho ho ho, Pavurama stole hearts of entire South India.
>       Incidentally, Swarga Seema was Ghantasala's debut as a playback
>       singer. He had a small bit in one of the songs for Ch. Narayana Rao.
>       The music for Swarga Seema was by Nagayya who is the hero of the
>       film. This film is less than 3 hours duration because of the
>       restrictions on raw film imports during world war II. (1946 period.)
>       PS: Anybody knows who acted as Nagayya's wife in Swarga Seema ?

Its 1945 not 1946.

The complete casting and most of the following text I am going to write is
available on Telugu film server set up and maintained by Srikanth.

The actress who acted as nagayya's wife is; B. jayamma. She was a well known
actress of 40s in Telugu too (in her native kannaDa she is more popular
though. Married to famous gubbi veeranna, the doyen of kannaDa cinema.) and
acted in four Telugu films; gul-E-bakaavaLi katha, swargaseema, tyaagayya and
brahmaratham. She was a good singer too and sings in swargaseema.
During WW-2 days, strict controls were imposed on raw film license and the
max. length was restricted to 11,000feet. When Gemini's SS Vasan resigned,
saying its impossible to make a film, of less than 3 hr duration, for Indian
audience, BN showed it making one undre 10,600 ft. Yes, it was a big hit.

The film is based on G B Shaw's _Pygmalion_ and also on Rita Hayworth starrer
_Blood and Sand_ (`41). The song OhO paavuramaa, which made bhaanumati as
"paavuramaa bhaanumati" all over south, was composed by "rajani" (Balantrapu
Rajanikanta Rao) based on an Arabian tune and Rita Hayworth's humming in the
above mentioned film.

A lot can be written about the music in the film. Ogiraala (Ramachandra Rao)
and "rajani" were the co-MDs. Rajani composed OhO paavurama, OhO tapOdhana
and evvani raakakai (in his own voice! Its broadcasted through Radio in the
film.) and wrote the lyrics for naagayya's famous song: haayi sakhee ....

For complete, detailed listing of songs and some misc. information please see
the Telugu film server.

Yes, G made his film debut, singing aarEhaa lE yennela chirunavvula virajimmu
baThaaNi ... for actor Ch. Narayana Rao.

chakrapaaNi infact came to Madras (from tenali) to write story and dialogues
for the film. Well, before he worked for "dharmapatni" (1941, ANR's first),
but that was a brief assignment. During the production he came to know 
B Nagireddi and "chandamaama" was formed (trying to explain chandamama's
formation in one sentence!).

On bhaanumati-BN reddy's a la "love-hate" relationship, and more and more
info. on this film some other time.