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Subba Kunasani (
Mon, 4 Nov 1996 13:56:54 -0600 (CST)

I think Sridhar is right. The quality in terms of songs deteriorated very bad 
from then. I know the furore it caused in film industry
for the movie "gulebhakavali katha' for using teh words in the popular song
"Nannu dochukonduvate.." When we look back in retorspect the words 'dochukonduvate'
don't seem that bad, but at that time they vweher considered very bold
 and so where the dialogues in "lakshama katha or sri lakshamma katha"
 "maa ammayiki soodhi injection cheyyandi doctor'; or something in those lines.
 They were considered dialogues of double etendre. But in dasar bullodu
 and premnagar we have single meaning dialogues like 
 'vanguthunna chinnadi vampulanni vunnadhi' 
 I think this is an impritant topic to be further discussed to draw a line where
 the quality of language took a nosedive.


> Hello Everyone
> We were recently talking about the movie, dasara bullodu, which was made
> quite late in terms of G's career.  I think, from this movie and from Prem
> Nagar, which was also released around the same point, how the quality of
> songs, in my opinion at least, declined a bit.  Somehow, I always thought
> that these two movies, although popular, and with rather enjoyable songs,
> symbolized the decline in writing and language that came with the 1970's.
> I think the trend has now hit, in the 1990's, an all time low, but movies
> from that time period, the 1970's all demonstrated a lack of the high
> quality of words.  By this I mean, that previously, the music was made of
> elegantly crafted telugu poetry, while the later music was written in very
> average, everyday words.  I don't know if anyone else has been so bothered
> by this as me, but debate on this topic is rather important because it
> sort of expressed different eras of G's music.  	Sridhar
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