Re: What movie is this song from??

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 11:32:49 +0100 (MET)

 Ravi Sista has already answered Sridhar's query. Just let me point out
at other gems from Ghantasala (for that matter every song in that film is
a gem!). For complete list of songs please check the archives of this group,
where I listed them once.

> Movie Name : Jayasimha
> NTR own movie....produced by his brother...Anjali, NTR, Waheeda Rehman
> TV Raju garu music anukuntaa...not sure...

Yes, TV Raju was the music director. Till his death in mid 70s he was the MD
for all NAT (National Arts Theatres, NTR's own banner!) films with the
exception of "seetaaraama kalyaaNam" (1961), where NTR called the old-timer
gaalipenchala narasimharaavu (a k a gaalipenchalayya). And you know what a
music he gave us in that film! 

Its said that producers used to get callsheets easily from NTR if TV Raju
was the music director. 

So, the other Ghantasala gems from this film are:

	jaya jaya Sreeraamaa raghuvaraa! - G
	madilOna madhurabhaavam palikEnu mOhana raagam - G, bala saraswati

He also sang:
	tandaanahOy tandaana -G, A P kOmala, chorus
and	naru valachina sOdari manaserigina harI (verse)

> > like this,  E nAti E hAyE  kala kAdhoyE nizamOyE.  With Susheela singing
> > the first few lines and then Ghantasala joins in.  Maybe we could try to
> > figure out what movie this is from.	

Its not Suseela but P Leela, singing ee naaTi ee haayi kala kaadOyi .....


P.S. The only Suseela song from this film, and one of my all time favourites
     is: naDirEyi gaDichEnE cheliyaa raaDaaye naa saami .....

P.P.S. Recently there was a query whether G sang for SV Ranga Rao at all and
	Krishna Kandadai replied quoting "hariSchandra" (1956). It seems to
       be the only film where G sang for him.