Krishna's debut

Ramakrishna Sanka (rs7@Ra.MsState.Edu)
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 21:49:55 -0600 (CST)

Hi all ! 

Prasad, Just a small correction to your statement.
Krishna's debut was in tEne or kanne manasulu. 

panDanTi kaapuram I believe was his production though.
And a pretty good movie it was :-)

And to lend some relevance to this post of mine to this 
group ... let me add in my appreciation for G's baaboo vinaraa 
song. Lovely tearjerker ! ;-)

Hey could somebody start listing off the background songs (mostly
pathos songs) sung by Ghantasala ?! I mean the ones that keep
playing as the hero or the heroine trudges through the cinematic
travails all through the tear jerker ! :-) I also conjecture
that such songs tend to be in pairs one happy version and the 
other sad version! (Any one shouting nay ?! :-])

1. baaboo vinaraa annaa dammulaa katha okaTi
2. payanincE O cilukaa egiri pO 

Do I hear anybody saying go back to sleep ?! ;-)



*special hellos to Sreeni and Prasad* 

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