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>>> Bhimaraju Kalidindi wrote:
>> >I remember reading somewhere that SVR produced and directed a movie 
>> >the name chadharangam(?) which won an award or two.  Could someone 
>> > please provide info on this movie and its songs.  It would be 
>> > interesting to 
>> >Sudhakar.
>>   Bangaru Bommaa Seethammaa, illalante neevammaa ...
>>   was sung by G in this movie.
>>   Bhimaraju Kalidindi
>I have not seen the film, nor knew that its P & D by SVR. Thanks for 
>Apart from the above song mentioned by bheemaraaju gaaru I know two 
>Ghantasala songs:
>navvani puvvE navvindi naa navvani (G, suSeela)
>		and
>jeevitamE  oka chadarangam .. (somehow I speculate that it 'd be a 
>"back-ground" song!).
>Has someone seen this film, made in 1967? Who is the music director?
>Thanks and regards,

  Music Director: Master Venu

  Bhimaraju Kalidindi