First "A" cert film in Telugu.

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	Sreenivas wrote:

>>One song in Film: daaguDu mootalu, the first "for Adults only" film 
>>(directed by pratyagaatma) ...... the list can go on and on ....

	The first Adults Only film in Telugu is "Manushulu Mamatalu"
	if I am right. Jaggayya forces his wife Savitri to consume liquor 
	and that was the reason assigned why it was given 
	an "A" cert. We can see Jayalalitha in a swim suit in the 
	song "Siggestonda."

	Sreenivas either forgot to mention the song or might have felt shy (!)
	to mention the song from Dagudu mootalu - The song is "Mella mella 
	mellaga, Anuvanuvu needega..... Mettaga adigite ledanedi leduga."
	There is another film "Sumangali" in which ANR and Savitri roll
	on each other. (Compared to today standars, this is JUST nothing.)
	When this was released in Alankar theatre at VZA, I heard that the 
	dist collector watched the movie alongwith the family and requested 
	the theatre owners to delete that particular bit. (Hear say...)

	Since we are discussing on vulgarity etc.... I have an old
	magazine "Cinemarangam" edited by GVG dated 1968. GVG was famous
	for his question answer column. There are some interesting
	questions. One of them:

	1. Saar, "Varakatnam" cinemalo Krishna kumari gari vaksha stalam NTR
	   ki tagilindi. Idi cinema trickaa, leka, nijamena ?

	Some more movies which were vulgar and faced lot of censor problems
	were "Nijam chebite Nammaru", "Jagame Maya", "Aadadante Alusa",
	"Chal Mohana Ranga", "Radha My Darling" (Chiranjeevi also acted) etc.
	Anyway, the current trend is slowly changing with "Ninne Pelladata"
	which is a big hit in Andhra. (A remake of HAHK + DDLJ + Maine
	Pyar Kiya.)


	Capt Madhu