Re[2]: dasara bullodu

Devaraju, Mohan (
Tue, 19 Nov 96 13:34:08 EST

     Mr. Srinivas wrote :

"One song in Film: daaguDu mootalu, the first "for Adults only" film (directed 
by pratyagaatma) ...... the list can go on and on ...."

 A small Correction:

"daaguDu mootalu" was not the  first "for adults only" film. It was not directed
by pratyagaatma, but directed by Adurti subbArao.

The first "A" rated film in Telugu industry was " Manushulu Mamatalu".
SiggEstondA song at swimming pool w/ ANR & Jayalalita , made the movie 
rated at "A".

     GhantasAla and Suseela sang this song.