Re: Krishna's debut

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 20:54:40 +0100 (MET)

Prasad wrote:

> > Subject: Song Dhanamera Annitiki Moolam ...
> > I doubt if it was sung for SVR. I remember it was Gummadi who
> > acted in Lakshmi Nivasam. ( A good film with a good message.)

> i think so too. calam and krishna(debut) also starred.
> "sODA, sODA, andhrA sODA" is also from this movie - right?

Yes, it is from lakshmee nivaasam. Sung by piThaapuram.

Ramakrishna wrote:

> Prasad, Just a small correction to your statement.
> Krishna's debut was in tEne or kanne manasulu. 
Its tEne manasulu.

Long ago I read an interesting article by (well known) director C S Rao 
(he wrote every month for "vijayachitra" magazine in mid-80s! His articles
were extremely informative, mostly on pre-49 films!) narrating how Krishna 
got his first role.

Apparently there were too many applicants. And aadurti, the patriot, gave 
a fierce speech saying some thing like: 'its your duty to defend the 
country in this critical time. Join the forces voluntarily by signing up 
the list lieing here ......." And by the time he ended his speech all the
candidates left the room except Krishna, and got the role.

I don't know how true is this. The 2nd Indo-Pakistan war took place in 
1966 and tEne manasulu was made in '65. Is CS Rao wrong? Or the war was 
in '65?

> Hey could somebody start listing off the background songs (mostly

Are n't the songs: maanavuDE mahaneeyuDu ... from baala bhaaratam &
	   E nimishaaniki Emi jarugunO evaroohinchedaru ... from  lavakuSa

come under "back ground" songs category? I am little doubtful about
the earlier, but Kanta Rao certainly does n't move his lips :-) in later.