Quiz - Answers

Kandadai (kandadai@mwci.net)
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 20:24:38 -0600


Here are the answers to my last weeks' question:

Sreenivas Paruchuri came up with the answer B gOpAlaM (G sang for B
gOpaalam in "nala damayanti" and gOpaalam for G in "palleTooru".)

A couple of replies mentioned the name of 'bhAnumati'. But to the best
of my knowledge, bhAnumati's name appeared as 'sangeeta paryavEkshaNa'
(music supervision) in the titles (exception is varuDu kAvAli, according
to Sreenivas). Of course, it can be argued whether music supervision is
same as music direction.

My answer to the question is JV rAghavulu.

JVR sang under G's MD (bhakta raghunAth, lavakuSa, vAlmeeki) and G sang
in jeevanatarangAlu for JVR (Are there any other movies?).

Krishna Kandadai