Sreenivas Paruchuri (sreeni@ktpsp1.uni-paderborn.de)
Wed, 9 Oct 1996 17:27:18 +0100 (MET)

Greetings all!!

Its really after a long time. It seems there was n't much activity on
the list in the past 10-12 weeks. 

Here are a few comments on the messages posted on the list in past 10 

First: I could confirm that P. leela is indeed a native Keralite and 
made her film debut in a Tamil film.

Sridhar wrote:

----> I've never really heard of the AMibakaa Suprabhatham rendered by 
Ghantasala.  Maybe we could say when it was sung, released, and what the 
tune is like.  The only suprabhatham by G that I've ever heard is the one 
translated into telugu on Venkateswara Swami.  I think it would be nice <---

And Krishna Kandadai has followed up.

--->Sometime ago Sreenivas asked about ambikA suprabhAtam. The book I have,
has aMbikA suprabhAtaM, aMbikA prapatti and aMbikA mangaLASAsanaM. They are:


The book also has 3 devotional compositions recited in praise of
"jillELLamuDi amma". They are:


I would appreciate if anyone has any more info on these.<---------

Yes, I asked about the availability of the audio track of the earler one 
and got a reply on the list from Rajasekhar that its on a HMV's 
pre-rec. cass. As far as the lyrics of both the above "stOtras/suprabhaatams"
are concerned they are listed in the book: _bhuvana vijayam_ also.
ambikaa.... was sung by more no. of singers and infact I listed all of them

There was a discussion on Ghantasala and 'drinking'. There was a pirat lable
which brought a big series of cassettes classifying songs under different
classes: nishaa, haasyam, krOdham etc...

Then, long ago there was discussion on G's appearance in films and I wrote
that I could n't trace G in film (naagayya's) tyaagayya (1946). A recent
article by "malleepriya" naagaraaju says that it was the young man who makes
fun of naagayya soon after the concert. So, have to closely watch that scene
next time.

So, thats in brief :-). Pl. keep messages coming!


P.S. Thanks to KVN Gopal at IISc, who told me 3 months ago that there were
two double cassette volumes as a tribute to NTR from HMV. Most of the songs
were available on one or other LP/tape before, but there are some new, very
good old gems too. 'll list them next time.