ghanTasAla - pushpavilApam and other commentary

Sridhar Basavaraju (
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 01:04:53 -0400 (EDT)

I read the excerpt posted by Mr. Kandadai and I was thoroughly impressed
by it.  I don't remember reading the original one though, but this was
quite exemplary.  I think that it is a combination effort that made
Ghantasala's music so popular.  By that, I mean extraordinary writing and
an amazing voice.  I think in today's telugu music, not to rip too much on
it, we are missing the writing skills of the old days of Samudrala, sree
sree, dasarathi, and the list is almost endless.  We have discussed this
repeatedly, so I don't want to over do it, but it was just an observation
that came to mind when I was reading the interview excerpt.

	Cry without weeping
        talk without speaking
	scream without raising your voice