G and drunk songs

Gopal Parupudi (gopalp@MICROSOFT.com)
Thu, 19 Sep 1996 18:12:34 -0700

Hello everyone:

The other day I was listening to ANimutyAlu series : Casette #2  which
contains 16 songs of G where he is singing for a drunk actor.  I can't
recall any Indian playback singer singing so many "drunk songs" (if I
may label them as such) and so convincingly thereby making them popular.
G seemed to specialize in this art. May be members can throw light on
this particular aspect of G's singing.

I was wondering what could be the reason for his talent in such songs.
Some possibilities...
a. He got more opportunity for singing such songs. Telugu film hero
characters were more prone to hitting the bottle than their counterparts
in other languages :)
b. His own personal experience with drinking.


ps1: For a listing of the songs in this cassette, please refer to Sri
Ramakrishna Sanka's e-mail on ANimutaAlu series.
ps2. Is it PC to discuss G's drinking on this forum?