maguvEgA magavAniki mathura bhAvana

Devaraju, Mohan (
Mon, 21 Apr 97 09:21:22 EST

Won't it be nice to have a data base of G's songs/ poems sorted by Mood ?

In 1996 ANimuthyAlu 10 tapes, did this to some extent.
I extended that in a different perspective.

Our Greater Indianapolis Telugu Association GITA did a similar experiment for 
Sri Eswara ugAdi on 4/19/97. We named the theme as :

                MaguvEgA  MagavAniki Madhura BhAvana

Under this theme, we picked G's Love mood Solos ( Private/Movie).
We started with more than 100 songs, and screened it down to about 20 most 
popular songs. We chronologically arranged them and  Three singers sang
only the highlights of the lyrics of each song. 

To keep the audience sail along with the theme, couple of MCs described the 
theme of the lyrics, thus bridging the songs/ lyrics.

To top it, two beautiful dancers from Archana Academy from Houston
gracefully gave a visual picturization of the poet's imagination. 
With all the electronic illusions, and smoke machines, the item was
splendidly performed for 45 mts.  We feel highly accomplished, and 
thrilled to do this experiment.

We dedicated this creation to all Telugu nArE maNulu as a token of our
sincere appreciation for their support in this Western Culture.

I am sure that this can be squealed in to different moods, for different 
occasions  I believe I have reasonable data base of G's songs, and will be glad 
to share with interested people.

Mohan Devaraju