Re: Ghantasala's 23rd Anniversary

Prahlad Madabhushi (
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 22:57:41 -0500

Good Job Krishna Kandadai!!!
I was just wondering if there can be a ghantasal photo gallery. Over
these years i just 2 of his photographs. If anybody has them, then it
will be great if somebody can scan them and put.


kandadai wrote:
> Namaste,
> On this occasion let me announce that I have (thanks to the initiative
> by Sreenivas and P.S. Sahiti) wRITten and compiled the entire
> Bhagavadgeeta recited by Ghantasala (including the commentary).
> Currently, it is available on my home page
> You are welcome to browse it and let me know your comments, corrections
> etc.
> Also included in the home page is a list of CD's available. Please let
> me know if I have missed any.
> Thanks
> Krishna

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