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Thu, 13 Feb 1997 16:15:13 +0100 (MET)


6-7 weeks ago I wrote here that we (Ratnakar and myself) were contacted 
from Madras, who wanted to inform wider readership about the existance of
our mailing list and the official web page. In response Ratnakar prepared 
an article and sent the same to Sri Rao, who approached us, and also put
the same on the web page. Well, you know all this.

Excepting for a brief mail message, there was no correspondance since then
and I was left guessing whether a report on the existance of our mailing 
list and the activities would ever appear in some Telugu film magazine.

I am plesantly suprised an hour ago by my good friend Ramakrishna Vejalla
who was kind enough to trace an article in film magazine "sitaara", dated 
9th February and mail it to me, that too from a distant place; Davangere 

Yes, you guessed it right :-). Its about "us"! Big thanks to Sri Rao who is
instrumental in getting it published!! I personally would like to thank each
and every member of this group, esp. the "regulars", for their great 
contributions and keeping this group alive.

There are some factual errors. I also wish that a sentence or two were 
mentioned about the active contributions of others too. 

The complete article (in RIT) is posted separately and the original article
'd be put on the web page as a picture file.

Thanks once again!!