Sangamam song..

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	Happy New Year to you all.

	??Sahiti gari question: 	
	??"sanghamam sanghamam anuraaga sanghamam aananda sanghamam"
	??Was it sung by G?

	Yes, it is sung by Ghantasala and Suseela. Film Kodenagu.
	Music by Pendyala. Starring Sobhan Babu and Lakshmi, Athreya.
	Directed by KS Prakasa Rao, produced by Kaumidi banner Malle Mala
	MS Reddi.

	The original is Nagara Havu in Kannada, later into Telugu and
	later into Tamil and Hindi (Zehreela Insaan.) Except in Kannada,
	the original, it was not a hit in other languages.
	Capt Madhu.