Sri Ghantasala gAru malhE puttAru !!

Devaraju, Mohan (
Mon, 27 Jan 97 13:20:51 EST

     Few weeks ago I received a letter from my folks from Vizag.  They 
     " I am so excited, that I should share this news with you, 
     immediately, since you are a Ghantasala devotee.
     Just now I watched a TV program, where they introduced a 24 years old 
     boy, who is singing 100% like Ghantasala. 
     He is called here as Apara Ghantasala.
     I am sure that within no time he will be Number 1 singer in all our 
     Telugu Movies....
     The Industry is thinking that Ghantasla Venkateswara Rao is truly 
     reborn again in this Boy's shape. 
     Before he becomes too busy,can you take him to USA via TANA and ATA ?"
     Did any one of you get this similar news ? 
     Any further details on this boy ?