Re: Sri Ghantasala gAru malhE puttAru !!

Sridhar Basavaraju (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 17:06:17 -0500 (EST)

I wanted to respond to Sreenivas's question of why such talented people
often don't succeed for too long in today's cinema world.  I was having a
similar conversation with my uncle some time ago and we were talking about
the current wave of popular music that is sweeping Andhra and the whole of
India in general.  Well, we can notice that the instruments, style of
singing, lyrics, etc are completely different from G's golden years of the
1960's.  I think that his brand of voice, singing and style, are, to put
it a little sadly, out of date.  Currently, most songs are based on
western instruments and vulgar lyrics which are really not what playback
singers who imitate G by singing rasikaa raju thaga vaaramu, are expert
in.  And there is always the question of SPB who claims to have
recorded 25000 songs in various languages.  You just can't compete with
someone like that.  In all of his years, G sang a few thousand songs, and
I think allowed the talent of others, whereas SPB has not.  At least, this
is what I think.	

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