Re: A song query

Prabhakar Vissavajjhala (
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 10:16:21 -0500

>Does anyone remember this song, which was usually played as a filler on
>AIR, sandwiched between 'Pasidi Pantalu' and 'Kaarmikula Kaaryakramamu'?
>The first couple of lines are:
>        Evaradhee Evaradhee
>        Inthaga nanu vEntaadEdEvaradhee...
>I remember it, not because I heard it so many times, but the melody was so
>beautiful and haunting.  I think it was sung by Mallik.
> # Sudhakar Chelikani

This was sung by M. Chittaranjan, a very melodious voice indeed.  Also,
this was used to be one of the songs for a programme named 'ee  paaTa
nErcukundaam', where chittaranjan  makes a student (probably pretending to
be for the sake of AIR listeners)  follow him singing and subsequently
correcting. (This programme used to be broadcast between 7:15 and 7:30
a.m., unlike the the 'kaarmikula  kaaryakramamu' 12:40 -1:10 p.m )

With regards,
Prabhakar Vissavajjhala