version records and Chittaranjan

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Wed, 5 Mar 1997 17:58:06 +0100 (MET)


Its a long time since I posted here. Was busy in the past 4-5 weeks with
school work. Now, be prepared to face a flood of messages :-) from me.

First of all thanks to Sudhakar and Prabhakar gaarlu for bringing in the name
of M. Chittaranjan, considered to be 'father of lalita sangeetam' (along with
Palagummi Viswanadham) in All India Radio. 

Regarding the query whether PV sang in films, I don't have an answer. My
guess is 'no'. He is also an excellant VeeNa player (perhaps a better vaiNika
than a singer).

About the authorship of this number, and many others (infact tons) I have a
series of questions too.. It depends on the courtesy/taste of the announcer
whether (s)he announces the lyricist's name also. 

Making this whole discussion a bit G related too, G himself sang a
considerable number of lalita geetaalu for All India Radio which are
collecting dust in AIR archives. The Madras-AIR used to broadcast vintage 
music on every Tuesday morning during their daily 30min Telugu programme
(8:00-8:30). During my student days have heard many G's numbers there for the
first and last time. As once told here that includes his earliest numbers;
i.e. before (and just after) joining films.

AIR stations in AP too have a considerable collection. Just to give some
examples: paaDakE naa raaNi (aDavi baapiraaju), vEdamlaa gOdaavari
ghOshistundi (aarudra), phakkuna neevu navvite chaalu, etc..
Changing topics ....

Sri Prabhakar listed a few songs which were sung by two (or more) different

> UrumArinA  uniki  mArunA?   -  Film: mUganOmu;  Lyric -Arudra; Music: R. G
> This song was recorded by 'G' was used in the film, whereas, recorded by 
> P. B. Sreenivas as a part of contract for HMV, was not used in the movie.

> Similarly, Lyric: 'tirumala  mandira  sundara' Film: mEnakODalu; Music: 'G'
> himself. This song was recorded by 'suSeela' and was picturized on jamuna
> in the film, whereas, the version recorded by 'G' himself is the one we

> Another non -'G' song (viThalA!  viThalA! pAnDuranga  viThalA! Film:
> cakradhAri; Music: G.K. venkaTEsh)  of that nature is also recorded by G.

The list is really long. The most prominent example is "chenchulakshmi" where
PB Sreenivas initially recorded two songs but later the producers thought
otherwise and chose G. So, AIR playes PBS's version of "cheTTulakka galavaa"
and in film we listen to G. G sang the legendary "cheliyaa kanaraavaa"
(baalaraaju, 1948) in film, where as on disk you hear to Akkineni NR.

If you take popular bhaava -, lalita geetaalu many versions exist. Examples;
Saluri's edalO ninu kOritinOyi (another AIR version exists), dEvulapalli's
adigadigO gagana seema (naayillu, 1953, Balasaraswati and co.) was later sung
by MS Ramarao, Basavaraju Apparao's pannenDELLa chinavaaDE ... was recorded
first by Banda and later Balasaraswati, etc. etc.

Also, since stars were under contarct with a particular recording company,
that lead to different versions. Like Bhanumati working for HMV and Surya
Kumari for Odeon, but both acted in same film.

Those pirate companies (its not a recent phenomena of the cassette age!)
existed in 30s, 40s too. Prominent ones were Sun recording company of
Kakinada (not to confuse with same named famous north-Indian lable!) and
Twin. These people re-released popular songs of that time with some others.

It has already become long. Better stop.