Re: A song query

Sreenivas Paruchuri (
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 19:33:18 +0100 (MET)

> He used to compose music for most of the AIR programmes, especially I
> remember for some of the AIR dramas of historical importance.

Let me use this oppurtunity to post a query related to Chittaranjan.
Sometime in '86/'87 my parents recorded a programme from AIR; some 
'old timer' presenting gems of that age with his commentary. My sister has
erased the starting minutes of that programme by mistake (and till today 
I have n't excused her for that :)) thus leading me only to guess who it 
could be.

He talks in detail about Young Saluri (and plays his podarinTilOnunDi ponchi
choochedavEla), then his childhood days seeing CSR Anjaneyulu on stage (and
plays his aagavE maradalaa ... from _ratnamaala_, 1947), about Kaanchanamaala
(plays LEGENDARY nallavaaDE gollapillavaaDE from _maalapilla_ 1938) and as
last piece presents a song which he himself sang as "ee maasapu paaTa" 
mentioing Chittaranjan as Composer and the raaga as: pahaaDi. Its one of my
all time favourites and goes like this:

	choochE koladi sundaramu
	sundaramu, bahu bandhuramu
	chandana, Seetala .......

Who is this singer? "rajani"?

Aside, Rajani himself was an active composer at AIR giving us many gems.


P.S. Just FYI: rajani=Balantrapu Rajanikantarao