Re: Potential virus (fwd)

Sahithi P.S. (
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 20:41:35 +0000 (GMT)


Thank you for forwarding this mail.

There have been a lot of widespread virus hoaxes and false alerts lately.
These are typically scare alerts started by malicious people - and passed
 on by innocent users who think they are helping the community by 
spreading the warning.

Bear in mind that a virus can only be activated if executed. In normal
situations, emails are not executed - there are also warnings whenever
attachments are opened.

Penpal greetings:-

  This is not a virus, but a widespread hoax, warning about a dangerous e-
mail message titled
  'Penpal greetings'. No such danger exists. 

  This hoax is very similar to Good Times.

An excerpt from :

Name : PenPal Greetings ! 
Type : Hoax 
Status : Circulating 

**Note : As of yet, email messages can not execute themselves [Give em time]
.. Depending on your email package, attachments may be able to be executed,
or opened when clicked on depending on their content and your reader's

Care should be taken when circulating emails like this as they can 
cause unnessasary upset to users.