Lack of news about P.Suseela

Srikanth Bandi (
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 14:57:06 +0100


This post is not exactly relevant to this mailing list,
but I couldn't find a better place to send it.

I find one aspect of film literature bit intriguing regarding
coverage given to P.Suseela vis-a-vis male playback singers
she worked with. She seems to be completely absent from
public view or rather absent from news coverage apart from
minimal information that says that she sings for this film or that.
I do not mean any biographies or books written about
her (I don't know if there are any), but 'casual' information
that flows in film magazines or daily news papers about
film personalities.  It may be anecdotes, tastes, personal aspects etc.
Even discounting the fact that playback people are
not like film stars, the information about her
is in stark contrast to other male play back singers
who are very much visible for reasons not necessarily
related to singing.

Compared to her, her Hindi counterpart Lata Mangeshkar
fares far better and is very much visible in news like any
other prominent personality.
Even other Telugu female playback singers have very
little written about them. But considering Suseela's
achievements and a long running career, which is perhaps surpassed
only by Lata Mangeshkar among living legends, this
virtual lack of information is rather surprising.
Or is it that she is really such a 'private' person that
journalists keep a polite distance from her?
Would cognoscenti throw some light on this?