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Sahithi P.S. wrote:
> Hello,
> Recently I was thinking about collecting all "harikathalu"
> (also burrakathalu) sung by G and other playback singers.
> I started making a list but failed to remember many.
> Could some one help me in compiling this list.
> My list:
> 1. "seetaaraama kaLyaaNam" - FILM: "vaagdaanam" - PLAYBACK:  G
> 2. "vEnkaTEsvara mahatyam" - FILM: "idekkaDi nyaayam" - PLAYBACK: suSeela
> 3. "seetaaraama kaLyaaNam" - FILM: "svaatimutyam" - PLAYBACK: SPB
> 4. "ruKmiNee kaLyaaNam"    - FILM: "sootradhaarulu" - PLABACK: suSeela
> If I am correct, there should be one burrakatha, by G, in
> "deepaavaLi" (1960).

I can quickly recall two more..

5. "Baliki saati dora ledu dhara" about Bali chakravarthi..: not sure of
the film. Singer G.
6. "Nanduni charitham vinuma", - in Jayabheri. by Ghantasala.
	Even though this song is not in the traditional Harikatha is
close to..
Let me break my head for some more on it..

Btw, friends,
My name is Vijaya Bhaskar Rayavaram ( Bhaskar, simply)
I was a member of the list before, then I vanished for a while from the
net world.
Back again , I subscribed to the list again..
I was surprised by the low profileactivity on the list, as there are no
active discussions.

Anyway, I am glad to be back with Ghantasala club.

Bhaskar V. Rayavaram
> Many thanks for your help.
> Regards
> sAhiti

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