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Sridhar Basavaraju wrote:
> I think the idea of collecting harikathalu is wonderful.  I believe that
> I've only heard one  of them, seetaramakalyanamu, thus I was a bit
> refreshed to understand where the other ones originate from.  I recently
> heard somewhere that G sung a harikatha describing the gajendra moksham
> katha but I have not been able to locate this in any of my numerous tapes.
> Maybe someone can clarify this.

There is one more Harikatha by G in the movie, Budhimanthudu..
The lines in the middle goes like this..
( It is about Seetharama kalyanam )
Phellu mane Villu, gundelu jallu mane..
Gubhillumane gunde nrupulaku,
Jallu mane janaki devie hridayamu,
oak choopulone, nayamu , bhayamu , vismayamu nu.."

How about "Badi lo emundi ..Devuni gudilo emundi". Because "HariKatha",
stopped just being "stories about Hari", it has become a style of
singing and narrating any story or message ( Doordarshan even does
kutumba niyatrana campaign thro' harikatha/burrakatha) with wits and
jokes here and there. Under these lines I feel even that song geos into
this 'Harikatha' pool.
There is one another famous Harikatha in the movie *manushu lantha
vokkate". That goes in the story lines of "Bala chandrudu" It depcits
BalaKrishna in the role of Bala Chandu with the picturization of the
In which movie, the song about *puththadi bomma poornamma* , I think in
the movie Kanyasulkam. That is very well sung duet. I am not sure of the

What about the famous lines "Vinara bharatha veera kumara vijayamu
manadera, thandana thana" ? That I am  sure depicts the start of another
hit harikatha.

I put the song in Adavi ramudu "Krushi vunte manushulu rushulavutharu:"
in to the same category, also it is modernized and doesn't go in the
same lines.

How about LavaKusa's "Vinudi Vinudi ramayana gatha vinudee janulara" ?
Leela & Suseela gave a melody of their best in harikatha style.

Let me brain storm more..
Rollin more friends..!


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